Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Paddle Ball

My son, the 6 year old, excels at manipulating me into buying him some small trinket everytime we go to the store. Cunning little guy. Couldn't be me.
Anyway, last night was no exception. We're walking into WalMart and he asks, "Can I buy something for one dollar?" I quickly hand him my last two dollars. See what I mean? I never saw it coming.
Once inside, we trek to the toy aisle where he has learned that one or two dollars won't go far. Although I am certain that with time he will learn the correct way to free the amount he needs from the steel trap that is my wallet.
So, he decides to purchase a set of jacks and two balls (two player he says), and a 'Finding Nemo' paddleball. Both $0.88.
Once we get home he asks me to show him how the paddleball works. Right.
Now, I know how it works and I have seen it in action. But I am paddleball challenged. I can usually hit it the first time and sometimes the second. After that the ball, takes on a life of its own. I mean I am putting eyes out with this thing. My son lets me try to show him, but soon backs away.
After the mayhem has subsided, I hand it to him. 20 minutes later he is knocking the stuffing out of that ball like it was second nature to him.
In 42 years, I haven't figured the thing out, and believe me I have tried. Much to the chagrin of those around me.
Him, 20 minutes ... I don't understand it.


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