Friday, September 03, 2004

A Week in the Life of a Law Student

Everyone is back in school today. I pray for a normal week. My hornbook for Evidence came in late last week, however I didn't get much chance to read any of it. So, I brought it to work with me to peruse during any downtime.
ConLaw – Our professor was quite happy tonight. The unlucky student whom she targeted tonight had most of the right answers. You know she can only yell at us for another 12 weeks. That is reassuring somehow. Anyway, the class went pretty well, but for some strange reason is becoming sparse.
Evidence – We wrapped up relevancy tonight, and Wednesday we get started on Character Evidence. It looks big. Lots of reading. I have the Sum&Substance CD, but the guy on there talks so fast, I cannot always understand him. You try saying "cupable conduct" as fast as you can and see how it sounds. Gees.

We are still trudging through the long arm statute and personal jurisdiction in Texas Pre-Trial. Freecell isn’t even helping at this point.

Things get busy at work. I have started a new project, but there are minor changes to the last one.
I have my one year review today. Nice steak lunch. Hmm Mmm.
Needless to say, I get no reading done for school tonight. I really have to start reading for the week on the prior weekend.
So, before class starts, I reluctantly tell my professor (ConLaw) that I am not prepared; expecting the wrath of God to descend on me. But, to my amazement, I get “That’s okay, I won’t call on you.” This is not the same woman that met us on the first day. My professor has been abducted and replaced, I know it.
Either way, I am relieved.
Evidence is long tonight. We are covering character and habit evidence. The prof organizes it really well and, even without reading, I have a fairly good understanding. I will read the Hornbook this weekend to get more.

My older son is sick now. He is staying home with a fever and sore throat. This must be the remnants of last week come to roost on someone else. Nope, Doc says it is strep.
Work is uneventful, I mean it’s work.
Pre-trial is slightly better tonight. We actually got into some practice tips and the different ways to proceed during service of process or lack thereof. It kept my interest.

Day 2 with sick son. He actually wanted to go to school this morning; concerned about the amount of work he is missing. Never have I heard that from him. Praise the Lord. Something is working!

Weekend: READ! READ! READ!


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