Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Grandiose Intentions

After telling my ConLaw professor last Wednesday that I was unprepared, I had planned to make it up this weekend and be ultra-prepared for this Wednesday - no class on Labor Day. I envisioned an elaborate brief of the Hamdi case; ready to answer, in minute detail, any question regarding the facts, the jusctices' opinions, the justices' spouses' opinons, the weather the day of the opinions, or anything else my professor could think of that would affect the opinions.
Not so tall an order from a Wednesday, looking at a 3 day weekend and no class for a week.
Soon it was Thursday. Then Friday night Bible study.
Well, Saturday I had to take the car in to get serviced. I stayed too long and bought another car. That took all day. (Another post entirely).
Saturday night is church. Can't read a law book in church. Pastor talks too loud to concentrate.
Sunday, yes Sunday I started to read. Started the Hamdi brief. I have plenty of time.
Sunday night - Family came for dinner, and oh, the NASCAR race. Couldn't miss that. Dale Jarrett is almost in the top ten.
Monday - read some more, but had tickets to the baseball game. Great seats. We won 11-5. Go 'stros.
So, it's Monday night and I did finish reading. I never finished my 'brief to end all briefs,' but I know the case pretty well. I will post later on my take of the Hamdi opinion.
Sometimes, life is, well, sufficient. I am prepared for class; I have a much more practical vehicle; and I had a great time with my family at the ball game.
It was a very different weekend than I had planned. But, I see how much better it turned out.
I could have buried myself in books and notes this weekend, and for what?


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