Friday, October 08, 2004

A Week in the Life of a Law Student

Well I still am carrying around a kidney stone. Feels like someone punched me in the kidney a few hundred times. My company, thinking it would be funny, sent me Rolling Stones CD. Okay, so it was funny.
Before class I go make an appeal to my ConLaw professor about tonight's class. One on one she is a very nice person. And I have to admit she has ligthened up considerably in the classroom. Still demanding, but a good challenge is welcome. I told her that I did read for her class and her class only, but not very thoroughly. I explained last week's absence, relating the hospital stay. She gave me a pass on recitation for the night. Greatly appreciated! I was feeling about 60%, having tossed my cookies twice already today.

Work goes very well. I kept my cookies all day. This is a good thing, although my stone isn't rolling.
I remember my professor in Texas Pre-Trial telling us that the first chapter on subject matter jurisdiction was going to be the driest in the semester. I disagree. They all are. This is a very, albeit useful, dry course. And Texas has some very screwy venue rules.

Wednesday: Still Stoned. Work is tolerable. I am staying late tonight to make up the some of the time I missed last week. The good part about today is we have no Conlaw tonight. Prof is out of town. Consequently, not many show up for Evidence later. Hearsay exceptions; admissions of an opponent party is VERY broad. Almost scary. My larval lawyer advice. Don't be a defendant in a suit, if you have a big mouth.
Stro's Win!

Thursday: Stoned. Pain is shifting. Maybe that's a good thing. Funny how pain in a different location brings hope.
Texas Pre-Trial: like I said before this is dry stuff. Tonight is no exception. Although tonight was much like a review of CivPro. It was all about joinder. Stro's Lose. Series 1-1

Friday: Praise be to God! I am 'sober' The little demon seed is gone. No pain.


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