Friday, September 17, 2004

A Week in the Life of a Law Student

Another week. Man, this seems to go so slow. I just want to get through this.

ConLaw was very good tonight. We actually had a constructive class. We are discussing Congressional Power. It seems kind of scary that a treaty is somewhat of an endrun around the 10th amendment and other Congressional limits. My life has been just fine before I knew this little tidbit, so hopefully...
Evidence is great. We have a great professor. Ex-trial lawyer/Dean of several law schools. This class has really peaked my interest in litigation.

Work is going very smooth this week. It is allowing me put most of my mental resources into school.
Texas Pre-trial is still interesting. We have covered the specific pleadings this week. No general demurrers here in Texas, but special exceptions to the pleadings. Good Stuff!

Short day at work. I have my first meeting with the Bar association in my area. I hope to make strong contacts. Little networking here. Work from home after that.

This weekend: Company picnic! HOT! HUMID! Older son has skatingboarding competition this Saturday. Good Luck, Stephen!


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