Friday, September 24, 2004

A Week in the Life of a Law Student

Things are really back into the groove (rut is such a derogative word). My life as a larval lawyer is pretty much - Work, School, Sleep; Work, School, Sleep; etc.

Work was very slow. This is good however, because I did very little reading over the weekend. It allowed me to catch up. It payed off too. Ms. ConLaw called on me to recite, and for once I had the right answers.
I can't say enough about my Evidence professor. We finished up "Impeachment Techniques" this evening. The man has some stories. They really made this dry subject bearable.

Preface:A few months ago I had 3 gentlemen visit my garage and 'borrow' some items. Come to find out they visited many garages that week. Eventually getting caught, I await their sentencing. I will file in JP court and seek a judgment against them for the value of my property, which was ultimately sold.
Texas Pre-Trial is perfect for this task. Heck, my professor even recommend a book on reserve in our library to aid in just such a task. So before class, instead of reading, I trot down to the library to peruse this book. You guessed it, they never heard of it; have no idea what she, the professor, is talking about. My luck. Can't be that hard however. Small claims is geared for non-lawyers.

I chose to skip school tonight. My younger son's school was having a family movie night. (held in the cafeteria) He was very excited about going. He kept using the phrase, "but I will be the only one not there." If have read my other posts you know by now that he is very skillful at 'talking' me into things. This time was no exception. Brother Bear. We have the DVD, but he wanted to go see it again. So, we gather pillow and blanket and head to the school about 5:45 pm. Now I think it will look silly walking into an elementary school late afternoon with a pillow and a blanket. Who knew? Actually, when we got in it looked like we didn't bring enough. There were sleeping bags, lawn chairs, huge blankets and pillows everywhere. Obviously, I am a rookie at this. Our one pillow and small Dale Earnhardt throw was lacking, but we took it like men and went ahead. We picked out a nice spot near the front (and one very loud speaker). Christopher spnet most of his time going back and forth to the concession table getting pizza, drinks, 3 bags of popcorn, and an ice cream cone. I sat and watched the movie with the occasional hand shadows on the screen fomr the kids way up front.
End of the movie and darn if I didn't tear up again. How embarrasing. Christopher spent the last 15 minutes or so of it sitting with his friend while I guarded our meager 'campsite.'
Time to go, and not too soon. I got to spend some time with my son (scarce these days), which I have to say is much better than Texas Pre-trial procedure.

Work is so slow. The database is down so I cannot work. Time to work on the outlines. PTL.

Have great weekend!


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