Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Article Ideas

I don’t think that writing an article for a legal review/journal would be that difficult, but the topic is so elusive. I had two, what I thought to be very good, topics. So, I log into Westlaw. Remember that online legal resource that spoils us in law school. I search the Journal / Law Review database for one of my topics. Bam! (my kid’s word) An article published in 1994 right on point. This lawyer read my mind – or something like that. Ten years ago though, hmmm, I’m not quite sure how that works. Anyway, I didn’t know whether to be disappointed that my topic was old news, or pleased that I came up with a publishable topic.
I still have one other to look into. Wish me luck!

Monday, August 30, 2004

Summer Grades Finally In

My grades for summer are in. B+ in Federal Income Tax. B+ in Property II. The grade in Income Tax was a gift from the Lord. I don't think I did near that well. Anyway, this puts me on the Dean's List again. Looks good on the resume.

Friday, August 27, 2004

A Week in the Life of a Law Student

I borrow this column from CrimLaw. My apologies to Ken should he find this inappropriate.

My little one, Christopher, had a really bad night. Fever of 103. So, Dad takes him to the doctor. Doc says, "..ahh wait a few more days, then we'll see." I am paraphrasing of course.
This puts me late to work.
Work was rather mundane, and I had little time to refresh for tonight's classes. ConLaw and Evidence. Tonight will be the first night since our berating in ConLaw last Wednesday. Too long of a story for this post, but maybe later. But we are all anxious to see how she will treat us this evening. We start Ripeness and Mootness this class. Things go pretty well. Tonight we are not the snivelling fourth graders we were last week. May be she just had a bad day last week.
Evidence is always fun. I have a great professor. The class starts back reviewing the relevancy two-step. We know the moves, but have no rhythm he says. That rhythm word is 'substantially'. The prejudicial value must substantially outweigh the probative value to be excluded. Common sense, right. He ends the class by playing 'La Bamba' and making everyone get up and dance. Okay, so I didn't exactly dance, but I'll never forget the relevancy two-step.
I drive home and get in about 10; to bed around 11; and wake up at 6 to start it all over again.

Christopher is still running fever. Ibuprofen keeps us all sane. Today he'll spend the day with his 'Nanny', my wife's mother. He ain't gettin' better. What was that doctor thinking?
Class tonight is Pre-Trial Procedure. This session is starting personal jurisdiction and the long arm statute. It is going to be boring. Pretty much just a review from Civil Procedure in the Spring. She keeps telling us that these are the monotonous classes and that later in the semester it will pick up. When?? This is my only class so I get home fairly early, 8:00.

Last night was particularly bad for poor Fer. His fever shot up to 104.2. Not good. I got him in a bath for a few minutes and he felt quite a bit better. Ibuprofen kicks in way too slow. My wife will take him back to the doctor in the morning. Sleep is a luxury this week.
Fortunately, I am wrapping up this current project at work so I have some down time. I go over the cases for ConLaw. Whew! Baker v Card is a tough case. The Sum&Substance CDs kinda gloss over it, but I know this lady, she'll want us to discern what the justices ate that morning.
Evidence isn't much better. Statistical Evidence. Bayesian theory.

Class Time. Well, we didn't get the chastising like a week ago, but she got pretty hot again. Instead of yelling, she quickly called for a 5 minute break so we could figure out the answer she was looking for. It's kinda funny. Almost like a teapot. A few confused students or wrong answers and she starts to boil. But, one correct answer will simmer her down for a while.
No dancing tonight in evidence, but he made the statistical stuff make sense.
I wonder how my little guy is doing? He'll be asleep by the time I get home.

Better night. The doctor still wants to wait it out with maybe a spinal tap next week if it hasn't abated by then. He has ruled out 'mono', pneumonia, west nile, and strep. Not bacterial, but viral. So, we wait. I'm gonna buy stock in Walmart's ibuprofen vendor.
Pre-Trial procedure - Texas Long Arm statute. This is really dry stuff. Hard to stay focused. A quick game of Freecell on the laptop makes it a little more bearable.

Christopher's fever is backup this morning, but only to 100.5. This looks good. Maybe he is getting better. The doctor is calling in a antibiotic for his congestion. So things should get back to normal. He really needs to get back to school next week. First grade.
No school tonight, but work is still here. I started a new project today that should take me into first quarter 2005.

Law Review vs Published Article

I think that most law students strive to get the best grades they can. I also assume that most would like to get the best job available. That said, many law firms have preferences to participation in Law Review or Moot Court competition. That is fine, but not all students have that opportunity. This is especially true for part-timers like me. I may be an especially good moot court litigator. I might make Law Review. Nevertheless, I have a full-time job; a mortgage to feed; and a family that I am sacrificing. All of this on top of law school. Where would I find the time to participate?
What I might find the time to do is to write an article. Should I be able to get it published – even in the lower ranked reviews – is this as good?
What exactly is an employer looking for when they prefer Law Review? Is it extracurricular activity? Is it research skills? Is it writing ability? If the answer to these is yes, then it seems that publishing an article would meet all of the above.
I would really like some feedback on this … what are your thoughts?

Thursday, August 26, 2004

This Post Has No Title

I hate introductory speeches, so you'll not get one here. Hopefully, as you read this blog, my character and who I am will flow. From that you should get to know me.
I will try to post at least once a day. If not for you, the reader, at least for myself.
So, welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Christening the Boat

A law professor once told me that "... lawyers want everything in writing; except when it comes to their own words." We will just have to see.

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