Friday, October 08, 2004

A Week in the Life of a Law Student

Well I still am carrying around a kidney stone. Feels like someone punched me in the kidney a few hundred times. My company, thinking it would be funny, sent me Rolling Stones CD. Okay, so it was funny.
Before class I go make an appeal to my ConLaw professor about tonight's class. One on one she is a very nice person. And I have to admit she has ligthened up considerably in the classroom. Still demanding, but a good challenge is welcome. I told her that I did read for her class and her class only, but not very thoroughly. I explained last week's absence, relating the hospital stay. She gave me a pass on recitation for the night. Greatly appreciated! I was feeling about 60%, having tossed my cookies twice already today.

Work goes very well. I kept my cookies all day. This is a good thing, although my stone isn't rolling.
I remember my professor in Texas Pre-Trial telling us that the first chapter on subject matter jurisdiction was going to be the driest in the semester. I disagree. They all are. This is a very, albeit useful, dry course. And Texas has some very screwy venue rules.

Wednesday: Still Stoned. Work is tolerable. I am staying late tonight to make up the some of the time I missed last week. The good part about today is we have no Conlaw tonight. Prof is out of town. Consequently, not many show up for Evidence later. Hearsay exceptions; admissions of an opponent party is VERY broad. Almost scary. My larval lawyer advice. Don't be a defendant in a suit, if you have a big mouth.
Stro's Win!

Thursday: Stoned. Pain is shifting. Maybe that's a good thing. Funny how pain in a different location brings hope.
Texas Pre-Trial: like I said before this is dry stuff. Tonight is no exception. Although tonight was much like a review of CivPro. It was all about joinder. Stro's Lose. Series 1-1

Friday: Praise be to God! I am 'sober' The little demon seed is gone. No pain.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Wind of Change

God does make little green apples.

It does rain in Indianapolis in the summer time.

And the Astros are in the playoffs!

Gotta Love it.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

A Week in the Life of a Law Student

Most of this week was spent 'battling' a kidney stone. Not fun, and I hope to never 'enjoy' it again. Sorry about the posts, but blogging has been the last thing on my mind.

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