Monday, November 08, 2004

Vote of Mandamus

Well, the election is finally over. Bush wins a second term. I am happy about that. There is a lot of talk, however, about this vote being a mandate. Is it? Perhaps. He did win by a majority; something we haven't seen in awhile. Though, other presidents have won by larger electoral margins. Mandate or not, what I saw is the Christian community speaking out. Could they have spoken louder? Maybe, but any victories are welcome. I have always held the belief that if the Christians in this country would just get out and vote, they could forge the path of this nation. I would argue that it is the Judeo-Christian foundation of this country that explains why the Lord has blessed this nation as much as He has.
President Bush now has four more years to continue leading this nation as a Godly man. He has a larger majority in the Senate and the House. So, if he received a mandate, was it from the voters or from a higher elector?


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