Friday, November 19, 2004

A Week in the Life of a Law Student

Finally I get around to doing one of these again!

You know age is creeping up on you when you are worried about every little twinge in your chest. I am no exception. So, today is my date with a caridologist. I have never been before. I do have that feeling that, 'aw, nothing is wrong with me and whatever it is will pass.' But, you hear about too many men, beliveing that right up to the first and final heart attack. Pride is one thing, but be able to pay back these schools loans, well that's what I live for! Turns out it is just really bad heartburn.
Good thing about this is I get to miss all but 30 minutes of ConLaw. I am so glad this semester os about over.

I got my final registration back from the registrar today. A little easier schedule next semester. Professional Responsibility; Coporations; and Research and Writing II. Only 8 hours and 3 days a week.
Texas PreTrial stills drags on and on and on ...

and on and on. But this is the last class. By the end of this class no one is listening. Most people are playing solitare on their laptops. (including me)

Remeber those parking tickets? Today I am going to appeal the ticket I received with 21 minutes left on the meter. I get to the municipal court building. Trudge downstairs to the basement where the parking adjudication is held. I put my name on the list and wait. Actually, the wait wasn't too long. 10 mintues and I am before the hearing 'judge'. The 'judge' in this instance is a city lawyer who hears the case from across his desk and rules.
I hand him my paperwork. I notice his diploma, and comment that I am in law school. He starts smiling and says then you are going to learn a lesson about limitations the hard way. Apparently, I have waited too long to appeal the ticket. Even is the story was good he couldn't help me. So, feeling somewhat embarrased, I slink out of his office and head for the cashier.


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